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Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub: Decolonization: What does it mean to reclaim our bodies with Nazbah Tom (W.2)

June 18, 2020


In the second session with Nazbah Tom, using a combination of somatic prompts, conversation, and interactive processes, participants will begin an exploration into their somas (mind/body/spirit).

Nazbah Tom, Diné, is a somatic practitioner. They support individuals and groups through a process of embodied transformation using a combination of conversation, breath work, new skills, bodywork, and gestures. Their work aims to humanize and reconnect us to ourselves, each other, and our land.

Register for the event and join in a conversation with Tannis Nielson on the pedagogy of place and the Simcoe Mural Project.

Date: June 18th, 2020

Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub relations of care for human and more-than-human be-ings

Welcome to the Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub: relations of care for human and more-than-human be-ingsmultiscalar site of Indigenous imaginings, futurisms, and land-ings that call us into radical relationality. The Indigenous Digital Artistic Hub is the first of a three-part series of online research-creation hubs curated by Karyn Recolletfeaturing international and national Indigenous knowledge holders entitled: “We prepare a space: Conversations, happenings, and arts-based pedagogy. The vision for this first iteration is to hold and sustain Indigenous artistic practice in accordance with the creation of radical ethical relationally between ourselves, our more than human kin, and lands. Particularly important are the ways in which we hold space for Ishpaadina as a space of water, land relationship, and celestial relationality. Join us as we transform New College into a hub of ‘happenings’ though conversation, artistic creation, and art-visim . 

In May 2020, New College was excited to host an artistic care hub during the annual Native American Indigenous Studies Association conference (NAISA), co-curated by Karyn Recollet (Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies Institute) and Jenny Blackbird (Ciimann/Kahuwe’ya/ Qajaq Indigenous Language initiative program coordinator, Centre for Indigenous Studies).  As well, the D.G. Ivey Library was excited to host Ange Loft’s Talking Treaties in Tkaronto multi-media installation. 

With the unfortunate cancellation of NAISA due to COVID-19,  the Indigenous Digital Artistic Hubas an offering to our communities, we, alongside exceptional Indigenous artists and art-ivists offer creative ‘happenings’ including a multi-media ‘happening’ featuring Ange Loft’s Talking Treaties in Tkaronto a live digital studio visit with Nyle Johnston; a conversation with Tannis Nielson about pedagogy of place and the Simcoe Mural projectan activation of relationality and kinship through bead-work with Naomi Smith; reclaiming our bodies through somatics with Nazbah Tomand an activation of relations of care through design and applique with Tala Tootoosis


June 18, 2020